Essay about Mending Wall By Robert Frost

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The poem that I chose to examine further was “Mending Wall” by Robert Frost. On the surface, this poem has a very limited meaning. The poem, “Mending Wall” involves two neighbors that come together every spring to fix and make repairs to a wall that is in the middle of both of their properties. The one neighbor fills that there is no reason to have this wall up in the first place and the other neighbor feels that “Good fences make good neighbors”. The neighbor who doesn’t want the fence up doesn’t understand why the other neighbor makes this repeating statement (“Good fences make good neighbors”) throughout the poem. The neighbor who doesn’t want the fence figures it’s because his neighbor is from olden times, a different mindset from what the times are of today. On the surface this, this poem might just appear to be two neighbors with conflicting ideas on this “wall” but there are several poetic elements throughout the poem that really giving meaning to the poem. Throughout this poem there are several poetic elements that are used, like metaphors, similes, personification, repetition and irony. In this poem, “Mending wall” each one of the poetic elements that Robert Frost uses has its own reason for being in the poem and that poetic element in turn affects the rest of the poem. The poetic element that is seen the most in the poem, “Mending Wall” is a metaphor. There are on several instances throughout the poem that you see metaphors used. One of those instances is seen…

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