Memories Of Childhood Sexual Abuse Essay

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Humans sometimes experience difficulty differentiating between real memories of events and memories of events that seem real, but never actually occurred. The illusory memory effects observed from work by others in the past as well as this article could possibly be significant to the recovery of memories of childhood sexual abuse. The data in this paper connects the effect’s strength, the remembrance abilities allocated to real events and imaginary events, the extent to which the subjects accept the imaginary memories as real events, and the seeming cause of the outcome. In the experiment, the subjects are given a free-recall test on a 12-word list. The words in the list are all related to other mutual words not listed. Most subjects have a difficult time differentiating between the words they hear and the words that they have during an activity for encoding or retrieval. Therefore a person who is focused on an illusory event might have a more challenging time differentiating between a real memory and an illusory event. Two experiments were done on this topic.
The Full and Complete Title of Your Paper Goes Here (Use the Exact Wording as on the Title Page) – this should be CENTERED In the first experiment 41 introductory psychology students listened to a reading of the following words: slumber, tired, rest, night, dark, comfort, sound, eat, bed, snore, dream, and awake. There was a 5-minute interval afterwards. Then the students were asked to remember as many…

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