Memorandum Essay

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TO: Mr. Lim
FROM: Ms. Ixara
DATE: 4 August 2013
RE: Tardiness Issue

After reading the case and information given, it could be concluded that Amran is a good worker yet he has a problem regarding tardiness. There are some beneficial recommendations that could be implemented for the purpose of improvement as well as the consequences if actions are being made. 1. Flexible time
Management could introduce a flexible time system to all employees so that they will have equal workload. Flexible time will also help Amran in order to manage his time between personal and work life. Since he has to get his six children off to school and to the baby sitter, it is
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The incentives could probably motivate and attract them to work in night shift. At the same time, incentives that Amran might get will more or less help his family’s financial condition. 3. Job enlargement
Job enlargement refers to the combination of various activities at the same level in the organization and adding them to the existing job. It increases the scope of the job which involves a horizontal expansion of a job. It comprises additional tasks at the same level of skill and responsibility. This action will solve the problem that Mr Lim may face problem when some tasks can only be settled by Amran, the most qualified one compared to the rest. On top of that, management can train all the employees to enhance their skills so that everyone will know how to do the job very well. Knowledge and skills are needed to make the operation run smoothly without having issues like on hold processes and expertise shortages. There will be less dependent towards the only one qualified worker in completing particular job since other employees are also able to do so. Plus, cost reduction as well as less time wasted will be achieved. 4. Warning letter
At some point, warning letter must be released to the problematic workers if there is no improvement after several reminders. A warning letter should not contain any harsh words that might hurt the employee. There will be at least three or four stages of giving warning letter before management

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