Genocide Research Memo

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The topic that I chose to write about for my research memo project is going to be about genocide. Genocide is something that unfortunately exists in this world we live in, and I want to get a better understanding of what it is. It is something that is extremely problematic in the world. With that said, I am doing this topic because I want to understand why genocide happens and how someone could participate in such an event. I also want to learn and discover how states use intervention to end genocide. One of the cases of Genocide that I am going to be writing about throughout my paper is the Rwandan genocide. I know the basics of what genocide is, but I do not extensively understand what genocide is. In the next paragraph, I am going to explain …show more content…
My first source comes from a book called the “Roots of Evil, The Origins of Genocide and Other group violence by Ervin Staub. This source will be used in the first part of the paper to help me explain the origins of genocide. One of my sources that will aid me in explaining the reasons for genocide will come from the journal article “Genocide as Social Control” by Bradley Campbell. This source will be especially good in explaining the social aspect as to why genocide occurs. The journal article “The Power of Local Ties: Popular Participation in the Rwandan Genocide” by Lee Fujii will provide insight as to why people choose to participate in Genocide. For the Rwandan genocide part of the essay, I am going to use two different journal articles. They are “Genocide in Rwanda” by Peter Hall and “Rwanda: Genocide and Beyond” by Filip Reyntjens. The last three scholarly sources I chose will help me in talking about the human intervention and prevention of genocide part of the essay. The sources are “Preventing Genocide” by Anthony Oberschall, “Stopping Genocide and Securing "Justice": Learning by Doing” by Samantha Power, and “How to Prevent Genocide: A Guide for Policymakers and Scholars” By John G. Heidenrich After learning about the origins, causes, a real life example of genocide, and prevention and interventions of genocide, a thorough understanding of genocide

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