Melting Pot in School Essay examples

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The term “melting pot” is believed to have been introduced by the Jewish play writer Israel Zangwill in his Pre-World War I play about the convergence of people and cultures in a single community. The phrase became a cultural and scholarly idiom to signify the belief that different culture/ racial/ ethnic groups can form one homogenous group; each culture is viewed as equally contributing and equally represented. The “melting pot” view of the cultural amalgamation is known in the social and behavioral sciences as the fusion model.

However, the term “melting pot” has become a heated topic of debate among scientific communities, especially in the area of
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Hence, the “melting pot” ideology is becoming less acceptable both in larger society and within many schools across the United States (U.S.).

The population of schoolchildren in the U.S. is more heterogeneous with regard to its racial and ethnic composition than ever before. Immigration is the major contributor to this increased diversity of U.S. schoolchildren. Living in a multicultural society, U.S. schools must play an essential role in preparing U.S. children for life in this diverse, complex, and interdependent world. Adjusting the educational structure of the school system to reflect the newest shifts in classroom composition will work toward building a multicultural education to ensure that students and families from all cultures will have skills to function together.

Through a multicultural education that does not support the idea of the melting pot, children can learn about and value the diversity that exists in the U.S. and the world. Children can not only become aware of their own cultural ancestry but also become sensitive to other cultures, knowledgeable about viewpoints other than their own, and prepared to live in an increasingly pluralistic society.

School psychology practices that emphasize multiculturalism can similarly focus on the importance of children’s culture heritage and the

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