Melanoma Is The Most Dangerous And Deadly Form Of Skin Cancer

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My first thought when taking these tests were that I would be on the very low end of each scale. However, that is not the case. The first test I took was the Melanoma questionnaire. Melanoma is the most dangerous and deadly form of skin cancer attacking and killing both male and females in the thousands each year. Melanoma is caused by ultraviolet light from tanning beds and sunlight. The ultraviolet light damages skin cells causing cell mutations which make the cells multiply at a faster pace than normal causing cancerous tumors. The cancerous tumors origin in the epidermis which has the melanocytes from which melanoma develops ("SEER Training Modules." 2015). And can infect other parts of the body (Watson, 2014). In most cases melanoma looks exactly like brown or black moles and brown birth marks making it hard for some people to tell if they have this form of deadly skin cancer or not. However, even some moles can turn into melanoma, so making an appointment to the dermatologist’s office is advised. Melanoma can also be the same color has one’s skin, while some have a more pinkish tone to them to blue, white, red and even purple (Watson, 2014). My risk for this deadly form of skin cancer, according to the questionnaire, is very much above average. Looking at the reasons why from the information provided by the Harvard School Public Health website, states that because I have normally blonde hair, blue eyes, and had several severe sunburns as a child increases my risk of…

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