Medieval And Modern Times During The Renaissance Period Essay

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The Renaissance time period is what most people consider as the bridge between

Medieval and modern times. During this time period, many subjects including science, math, art,

music, and theology exploded, and allowed for new ideas and innovations to come about. Many

famous people, who are known for their renowned accomplishments from the past, come from

the Renaissance time period like Da Vinci, Shakespeare, and Michaelangelo. This started the

revolution which allows modern science and many other modern technologies to be used today.

The Renaissance might have been the most important and the most needed time period in history.

The Renaissance brought the horrors of the Medieval Times to a close and opened up a

door to new opportunities and achievements. The Medieval times were chaotic and destructive.

The church was split and warring with one another, the Islamic forces were on a conquest to take

over the world, the world was destroyed from the devastation of the Black Plague, the Crusades

in the Holy Land kept failing, and the Hundred Years War brought over a century of death and

destruction. These events destroyed cultures, social systems, and economies everywhere. The

world needed a rebirth- a time to recover and rebuild from the destructive periods it just came

out of, and the Renaissance was just what the doctor ordered. The advancements in math,

science, medicine, art, etc. allowed people to look forward to new possibilities and come up…

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