Comparing The Kite Runner And Medicine Walk

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For most people as children they live under their parents or guardians. They are always told what to do and when to do it. As a child people are limited by their parents. But as these children grow up and become their own person, they are free to do whatever they desire. They gain freedom and are no longer limited. With their new freedom comes new responsibilities which they choose to accept. The movie "The Kite Runner" directed by Mark Forster (2007) and the book Medicine walk written by Richard Wagamese (2014) demonstrates how children feel obligated to care for and carry the burden of their parents because all children owe their lives to these specific individuals.
Both Eldon and Baba become very sick as they age. Eventually they are incapable
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In The Kite Runner after Amir and Baba go to America, Baba 's mind remains occupied by the thought of knowing that he left his son Hassan, behind. Amir helps his father cope with this regretful decision by remaining obedient. He never uses the freedom he gets in America to do anything his father would not accept. He determines the direction of his life based on his father 's approval. His obedience allows Baba to focus on other aspects of his life because he never has to worry about what Amir is doing. He can trust that Amir is always making the right choices. Amir also accepts the burden to help his father redeem himself, although "Kabul is no longer safe" (The Kite Runner). His nephew Sohrab "is in a orphanage" (The Kite Runner) and needs to be rescued. By saving Sohrab Amir helps his father redeem himself because it is Baba 's fault that Hassan and his son are in Afghanistan. Even from young Amir is known for being cowardly and never taking a stand for himself. Amir 's acceptance of this quest proves that he is willing to put his life in danger for his

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