Medicine As A Doctor Is A Long And Hard One Essay

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At a young age, I knew that I wanted to be a doctor. On the weekends, my family would go visit my aunt and uncle and their three kids in Central California. At the time, their kids were in college and medical school. I would overhear them discussing their residencies and using other big-sounding words for a kid my age. As I looked up to my older cousins, it was only natural for me to want to follow them. Yet, what I did not realize was that the road to becoming a doctor is a long and hard one. For thousands of centuries medicine has been in practice, dating back to ancient China and Greece. The famous Hippocratic Oath that all doctors must swear to came from the ancient Greek doctor, Hippocrates. Then known as healers, doctors would use herbs and natural plants to treat illnesses. During the 19th and 20th centuries, medical knowledge and technology rapidly advanced especially in the Western countries. Soon, medicine became much more science-based and clinically tested. As the population in the West continued to grow so did the demand for doctors.
America in particular holds itself to high medical standards. We have some of the top medical programs including Ivy League schools as well as the UC system in California. Compared to other countries, America has some of the most advanced technologies used in medicine. X-rays, CAT scans and DNA testing are all readily available to American citizens. The standard of care in American hospitals is so great that the President of…

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