Medication Safety Paper

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In today’s modern society, patient safety in the hospital setting has evolved to a number one priority. Medication errors account for a great deal of incidents in hospitals. Practicing healthcare professionals must be competent when administering medications; therefore, The Joint Commission has implemented National Patient Safety Goals to prevent patients from being administered the wrong medication. Also, the National Patient Safety Goals holds the practicing healthcare professional accountable for the medications that are given to patients. We intend to explore the similarities and differences in how Florida Hospital Zephyrhills and Edward White Hospital accomplishes the National Patient Safety Goal of Medication Safety and
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If the medications are not due at that time or if the medication is contraindicated at that time the computer will generate an alert. Florida Hospital Zephyrhills and Edward White Hospital have adopted the BCMA technology and as a result, they have significantly improved their scores and fewer patients are complaining of errors; therefore, scores have increased.
Patient Education Patient education is an intricate part of promoting medication safety. Healthcare providers are faced with barriers when it comes to explaining the importance and proper usage of medications. Section 03.05.01 of the National Patient Safety Goal #3 states that patients who are taking blood thinners should be monitored. According to Cranwell, “patients need to be instructed in potential drug interactions, dietary interactions such as vitamin K-rich foods, safety with herbal therapy, the need to watch for signs and symptoms of bleeding” (Cranwell, 2007).
Florida Hospital Zephyrhills and Edward White Hospital are taking the educational approach to promote patient safety in regards to coagulation Therapy. The pharmacy department at Florida Hospital created a brochure that is handed out on every floor to staff members who have patients that are on coagulation therapy. The brochure is titled (Coumadin Warfarin Medications and
Your Diet). The information inside of the brochure

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