Essay about Medication For Opiate Addiction : The Foundation Of Recovery

1023 Words Nov 13th, 2015 null Page
Gavin Bart’s journal article Maintenance Medication for Opiate Addiction: The Foundation of Recovery provided the scientific information regarding how methadone works to reduce heroin withdraw symptoms once it is ingested into the human body. Bart’s article provided descriptive information on the typical methadone dosages used. This article was the only article to provide information dosage information and information about the possible serious side effects of lethal respiratory suppression. The goal was clearly identified as being information on how methadone impacts the human body once it is administered. This article was objective and provided clear evidence of facts that support the information. Although Bart’s article provides information that increases knowledge of how methadone works and a large amount of interesting information there was not a vast amount of information that will support the hypothesis of MMT being an effective solution to the heroin epidemic or the social issues that accompany the heroin epidemic that is currently happening due to social issues not being discussed. The article will support that idea that MMT will allow addicts to focus on non-drug related activities, which would not occur without treatment. Bart’s article did not change the overall idea that MMT is an effective way to treat individuals that suffer from heroin dependency. Unlike Bart’s article, Sarah Bowen’s journal article Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention for Substance Use…

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