Essay on Medical Marijuana And Its Possibilities

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Medical Marijuana and its Possibilities
Medical marijuana has become one of the most researched drugs mainly because of how it affects terminal illnesses, with many people accepting the results and many others denying that the plant has any possible medical possibilities. The marijuana plant also known as cannabis has a very bright future in terms of its medical implications and could seriously help with not only terminal illness but the pain that comes from serious injuries, treatment for illness, and even mental disorders.
Medical marijuana is a drug that in the future, can become the most prescribed drug for many illnesses from cancer to mental disorders. One example of how the cannabis plant can be this, is the story of JJ who was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, and impulse control disorder. With no medications producing the results that his mother was looking for they started using marijuana edibles to help control his behavior. JJ’s mother said, “The results have been very good. JJ 's social worker and teachers report that his behavior has taken a dramatic turn. His demeanor is very polite and he interacts enthusiastically with staff and students” ("Mother and son: the case of medical marijuana. (case study). The Hastings Center Report Sept.-Oct. 2002: 11+. Science In Context. Web. 21 Oct. 20).
This story shows that medical marijuana is not only a theory but a serious medication. Before JJ had tried medical marijuana, he had been…

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