Mediated Communication And Communication Technologies Essay

1259 Words Apr 20th, 2016 null Page
Over the past few weeks we have study the concepts of mediated communication or communication technologies which are also defined as, forms of communication that extend our ability to communicate, and relationships which is defined as, reciprocal message processing (Ruben & Stewart, 2014, p. 171 & 219). In addition to the material covered in the book and during lectures, I conducted an interview with my parents to discuss the influence technology, social media, and other social devices have made on their relationship as well as what relationships meant back then. After all this research, I have discovered that relationships tend to vary from person to person and from time to time. Back when my parents first got together, their main form of contact was through letters. Calling a person or their house was not the normal means of communication. There was no texting or video chatting. These days I find that technology mediums have become the main medium between couples, families, and even professional relationships. In class we discussed that relationships are either things that we have or we do (Bolden, 2016). One of the examples we went over was the first episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” and how Meredith and Derek had a one night stand and she tries to get him to leave where he attempts to carry the conversation forward. Derek witnesses a tactic that still currently exists today known as “hard to get.” Meredith closes off the relationship before he gets a chance to introduce…

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