Media 's Power And Influence On Society Essay

1788 Words Jun 29th, 2015 null Page
The influence of mass media in society has shaped peoples opinions and values for decades in relation to how they perceive topics and other areas of interest. Currently and previously the media 's power and influence in society is unparalleled because it controls information flow, which is significantly important because people rely on information to make sense of the world around them. Moreover, the media 's power is so vast that military prodigy and self-proclaimed emperor of France, Napoleon Bonaparte expressed that: "Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets." This expression is a representation of how influential the power of media can be; Napoleon compares media as more powerful than military force. Evidently the media have been known to abuse its power tarnishing and misrepresenting the people and worldly events to cater for their own agenda and sometimes for no reason at all other than to gain audience 's attention. For this reason the following essay will explain the power and influence of media over society.

To do so, this essay will focus on Napoleons statement on the media 's power and whether this testimony remains to be relevant to modern times. Although this announcement took place so many years ago one might argue that people are more inquisitive nowadays, due to the plentiful amount of information that surrounds us. However, to what extent this is true is debatable because currently people are still persuaded by the media 's…

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