Essay on Media 's Negative Portrayal Of Minorities

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As society continues advancing, it is very clear to see that technology is vital to the facilitation of everyday living. In today’s media, minorities are constantly being represented in a negative light. Those who fall victim to this tend to be Latinos and African Americans. In the news, there are many aired reports of acts of violence that are usually committed either by an African American or a Latino. Besides news outlets, these minorities face the same image in the entertainment media as well. Both tend to be portrayed as antagonist characters or minor characters, while others, such as Anglos usually play leading protagonist roles. Mass media definitely has an influence on how society sees Latinos and African Americans, because of the perceptions that they are viewed in, it usually causes them fall into negative stereotypes amongst the rest of society. Sociological studies on the content analysis of mass media has confirmed that negative portrayal of minorities helps to perpetuate radical prejudices and sustain their low status. Furthermore, it is important for Latinos and African Americans to be given equal opportunities to be positively portrayed. Today African Americans still continue to deal with unequal opportunities in American society. Compared to other minorities, African Americans have the highest incarceration rate in the U.S; the rate is actually double than any other minority in the United States. The fact of the matter is if this is something that plays…

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