Essay on Media 's Influence On The Criminal Justice System

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Individuals gain a majority of their knowledge, perception, and attitudes towards the criminal justice system from various modes of media such as movies, magazines, articles, television programs, and news from real life events. Examples of current trending television shows in this field include Law and Order, CSI, Suits, Criminal Justice, Criminal Minds, and Luther among others. The justice system has drawn attention in several countries, especially the United States, to the extent of media houses formulating reports that represent daily occurrences in crime. Therefore, media houses have become the largest influence 's of public perception.
Positive impressions
The biggest opinion about the system is that crime does not pay. Most of the films, documentaries, news and real time events highlight this fact because somehow the villain is always caught and punished. All criminals ranging from small offenders to the hardcore ones always receive some form of punishment. The second impression that media leaves us with is that no crime goes unpunished no matter how long it takes to solve a case.
Negative impressions
Other ideas fall into the negative category. Firstly, media has led us to believe that when in court, what matters is how you argue the case and not whether the defendant is guilty or not. The content generators seem to state that attorneys have the power to twist the law for their clients regardless of offenses committed. Secondly, the media portrays…

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