Essay on Media 's Influence On Society

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Compared to other countries around the world, the United States does not withhold to display their vulnerability through the media even if the circumstances have a negative appearance. The media characterizes a society, what shows up in the media portrays their societies acceptance levels and their values. Popular culture has influenced people in multiple fields of life generally in a harmful manner.
Over time television in America has evolved to suit Americans needs and wants. Furthermore article “Media in the 1970s” Kelly Boyer Sagert states “ By 1972, for the first time, half of the U.S. households owned a television set and so shows were finding a broader audience ... sitcoms and other shows focused on social consciousness, tackling pressing issues of the day, often in satirical manner”. Television was beginning to develop compared to movies they had a considerable amount of viewers tuned in more frequently. The television industry came about as the leading source of media used during this time period and from now on. Business started to devote huge sums of money for advertisements for instance commercials to publicizes their companies.
The influence of the media cannot be avoided the influence of the media, peoples opinions, morphed by what they constantly see on screens and read in magazines. In the article “Media Literacy: Core Concepts” Bill Yousamn states that “ Media images do not just appear from nowhere. They are made by people and organizations in order to…

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