Media 's Influence On Society Essay

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As today’s world continually grows to be obsessed with the media, the influence that media has over society is also growing. Today’s society is obsessed with knowing things growing the interest of today’s people in the media. Whether it is social media apps or networks, media websites, websites or media television networks, people today constantly want to know what is going on in the world. Due to society’s has a constant need to know what is going on in today’s world the media, in all of its many forms, plays a crucial role in informing the average American person, however, due this media bias this influence of the media is not always a positive one. The Media is a very broad category that includes information that comes from the Internet, television, the radio and printed materials such as newspapers and magazines. The information is immerses today’s society and strongly influences the minds, thoughts, and decisions of the people of today’s American society. The media however, does not use it’s power and influence in a way that American society is deserving of. The media is full of bias that does not stick to simply reporting the facts. Media bias is “a form of propaganda” that “is often a subtle prejudice that can appear in information that’s purpose is to be objective” (“Media Bias”). The purpose of the media is to “instruct the public about what their opinions should be” while reporting the facts, being objective, and not showing bias (“Media Bias”). The media…

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