Media 's Influence On Perceptions Of Self Essay

1792 Words Sep 17th, 2016 8 Pages
The media play a significant role in influencing and shaping individuals’ perceptions of self in American society. Additionally, the media play a key role in how it portrays people of color (POC) and, therefore, in how it affects their perceptions of self and others. It is the way the predominantly White media interacts with POC that reinforces racial stereotypes and the systematic oppression that affect their daily lives. In the past two decades, research on media has supported the “media’s ideological power over their consumers to define social reality, not simply reflect it” (Drew, 2011, p. 355). The media, is therefore, not reflecting society’s opinions and attitudes, but rather forming society’s opinions and attitudes of POC. “They not only set the agenda for public discussion (what people should think about), but more importantly, they strongly suggest how” people should think about POC (Drew, 2011, p. 355). Furthermore, “media coverage fosters partial or wrong information about racial groups in the minds of its viewers” and this affects both consumers and the social context in which they exist (Drew, 2011, p. 356). When the media marginalizes POC in their portrayals, the message they are transmitting through their communication promotes the marginalization of POC in society as well. The media is enacting institutionalized racism by not challenging the status quo and allowing the White majority to benefit from institutionalized inequality based on race to…

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