Media 's Influence On Gender Inequality Essay

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The ‘notion of “sex” is defined as biological differences between male and female while “gender”, also known as “sex roles”, refer to certain behaviours and characteristic attributed to each sex that was a social construction.’ (Carter 2011, p.22) Basically indicating that sex is biologically driven while gender dictates how the society should act and behave as a man or woman with the elements of ideologies such as patriarchy and capitalism. However, the distinctions between the two terms are often eroded to the point where it is no longer possible to recognize the difference and the significance of doing so. Hence, this essay aims to discuss how media’s ability to produce social identities has influenced gender parity in the British society during the twentieth century. The essay will further explore how the media has compelled social norms on both men and women in the country, its effects and briefly reflect on the exploitation of the female body image in the media as well as it’s consequence on women. Furthermore, this essay will also consider the opportunities of increase in female acceptance throughout the twentieth century to analyse the state of equality amongst women in the era.
Marshall McLuhan’s (1964) famous saying ‘the medium (being the media) is the message’ focuses on mass media’s role in society. It indicates how the media as a medium embeds itself within a message, which creates an interrelated relationship where the media platform used (e.g.: radio,…

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