Media's Effect on Todays Society Essay

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FINAL ESSAY PT. 1 As the news director of local television station if I had to decide between a local story such as the city council closing three city parks to save money, or a major celebrities death for the lead story for our local nightly broadcast I would choose to make the city council closing three city parks to save money the lead story. I would make this story the lead story because as the news director for the local television station I have a responsibility to the local public to keep them informed of news stories involving their town. Unlike the big networks, or the 24 hour all news stations who serve a worldwide audience, My local television station serves a local public who may depend on me to stay informed of …show more content…
If the celebrity death will bring in the most ratings then I would cover that story after the parks closing story. The people will still watch the broadcast waiting for the story if they did not already know about the death which they probably do with all the other various information delivery methods such as internet social sites such as blog sites, and face book. Some of these sites do not even cover local news stories. Taking that into consideration it would make sense for me to make the parks closing my lead story especially if my channel is the only local channel in town. My station would probably be one of the only places a local citizen could see the story except for maybe local radio stations. As a news director news is my responsibility not ratings. FINAL ESSAY PT. 2 Media has affected our culture ever since the 1920’s and the earliest forms of media which was music. In today’s society, television and movies have had a profound effect on our culture more than it ever has in generations past. The way we act, the way we dress, right down to how we think we should look physically. Our all around way of life has been impacted one way or the other by television and movies. Our culture has also affected what is seen and heard in television and movies. Movies and television affects our culture the same way our culture effect movies, and

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