Essay on Media 's Effect On Body Image

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Media’s effect on Body Image
Doesn’t everyone want to have a body like Jennifer Lopez, Mila Kunis or Emma Watson? These are attractions in today’s media, which have an impact on how we look at our body and view ourself. The topic I have chosen is about the effect of media on our body image. I have chosen this topic because it is very important to analyze the impact of media in our daily lives and whether that impact is positive or negative. With respect to research, media negatively impacts the way we view our body; it makes us self conscious about our beauty. Beauty is the value word which would be used in this essay. Beauty means the quality of being attractive or the qualities that are in a person or a thin, which gives pleasure to the senses of the people and their mind. Also, It could be defined as an adjective of beautiful.
Media and the constant portrayal of a perfect body image is not limited to women only, but men are involved in this phenomenon as well. For many years, the media are trying to create an ideal image of a perfect woman and how she is supposed to look like. The images that are found in magazines show flawless and skinny bodies, which feeds the wrong message in the mind of young girls. They feel that if they have long legs, shiny hair and skinny curves, only then would they look beautiful (Atkinson). The media portrays women as someone who should always wear glamorous clothes and has to walk and talk pretty. However, what they don’t know is that they…

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