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Many people in society are ignorant to the effects of drugs and how they can affect the community. The media attempts to shows its views and the negative side of drugs but, unintentionally display unbiased side of drugs and drug abuse. This side may show that it’s not a big deal as people set it to be, almost something normal in life. However, that is incorrect. America 's youth is still getting mixed messages about illegal substances from the media as a whole. The media will never help society see the bad of drugs. There are so many opinions and views shown to the views that it confuses our mind. People are stubborn and think they know their limit and know right from wrong. Media is influencing us in the wrong way. It’s one thing to hear that …show more content…
Social media displays pro alcohol messages and images as well as unregulated alcohol marketing sites. Risky drinking and offline alcohol behavior are in correlation to such displays. This article talks about the Social Learning Theory, the Media Practice Model and a new approach Facebook Influence model, these which have been used to help explain the mass media influence. New research has shown that there is a way of identifying the heavy risk drinkers the online display patterns.
Social networking sites are becoming a central aspect of adolescence culture that allows them to explore their identities. The media has both constructive and pessimistic impacts on individuals. The media can make a man more mindful of what is going on a neighborhood, national and worldwide level, or it can twist one 's point of view of reality. The media has the ability to demolish society by empowering false ideals, praising selfishness and making the possession of fame, fortune and talent be considered an asset in
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It is intended to show the youth that these successful athletics don 't use drug and the result of that, how they are in life today. They are used as role models for adolescents. However, these commercials are cancelled out by the music industry because there are songs that talk about drugs and how good they make you feel. For example, the songs "CoCo", "Young, Wild & Free", "High by the Beach", talk about drugs and are very popular. Just like this media, television and movies normalize certain kinds of unhealthy behavior. For instance, in Colombia, there are so many TV shows about the life of drug trafficking or the drug traffickers that powered the Colombian people and government. This depiction of drugs in Colombia makes the whole situation normal there as if nothing big is

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