Essay on Media During The Vietnam War

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Media during the Vietnam War The Vietnam War was diverse for America for many reasons, but the dispute about the role of the media has become almost as debatable as the war itself. Americans varying opinions of the Vietnam War were influenced primarily by the media and the biased content they chose to show. A popular thought came to individuals minds after the war that the media contributed to the failure in Vietnam by oppositional information. The media influenced Americans views of the Vietnam War through the use of prejudice content and propaganda. For almost a decade, people were able to watch in between activities Vietnamese attacks, the life of a soldier, and the horrific views the soldiers had to see every day. Even though the media was a primary source for Americans’ information about the Vietnam War, the media often changed the information resulting in negativity towards American troops. The Vietnam War is considered the longest war in American history and resulted in 60,000 American deaths. Many people considered the United States involvement of the war unnecessary and looked down on the Vietnam Veterans (Robinson). The Vietnam War lasted from 1957 to 1975, it centered in Vietnam, which was then divided into the South Vietnam and the North Vietnam. The war eventually involved the United States, allied with the South Vietnamese; there purpose was to prevent a Communist takeover of the South. In the North, Ho Chi Minh…

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