Media And Our Science Textbooks Essay example

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said after he smiled at me as if I was choosing a gift for myself. My match maker spoke to him in Thai as he knew little to none English. I did not mind, after all it is his body that I desire and his sweet smile that I wanted to kiss. He agreed to hook up with me, and we left together to rent a room. I was aware of STDs through the media and our science textbooks, that used Koranic versus to deter us from having extra-marital sex. I purchased accordingly condoms and lubricant. I rented a room, and I found in it that they provide free condoms to my surprise. We engaged in a passionate coitus, and he wanted to play the submissive role. I felt a thrill to have a control over what is happening, it was my first time to have such a power over someone else. I wanted to keep this memory, so I asked to video what we are doing, and he agreed. After we became exhausted, we washed and I was about to leave before he stopped me, and asked for money. I was not aware that what he has offered was in exchange for a material reward that he expected from me. I felt disappointed that it was not out of pure sexual lust, so I could not argue with him and gave him what he asked and left back to my family.
Next day, I was thinking of him and replaying the intense red night in my imagination. Whilst my aunt Maryam was dancing to my mother on a Bollywood song, she has truly mastered Indian dancing. I mockingly videoed her, and teased her by threatening to show it to her husband. Afterwards I forgot…

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