Media And Its Effect On Society Essay example

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In the modern age we live in, it is safe to say media plays a huge role in everyday life. From desktop computers to iPhones, we are in contact with a numerous amount of technology throughout our daily routine. Media outlets have taken advantage of our gadget-filled society and have implemented many new techniques to reaching audiences, such as advertising on Applications and even on YouTube videos. That being said, advertisers, along with their newfound outreach, have a new responsibility as well. Advertising, because it has such an important role in society, should see to it that the government begin regulating these institutions so that they portray honest and wholesome material. The definition of advertise is as follows: “to announce or praise (a product, service, etc.) in some public medium of communication in order to induce people to buy or use it” ( Given this definition, influence is one key idea that comes to mind. The purpose of advertising is call something to the consumers attention and to convince them that it is something they need. Based on its definition, it is clear that advertising holds a huge responsibility when it comes to societal development. This development needs to be directed towards two main goals: efficiency and morality. Commercials and Ads are seen everywhere, therefore, they have one of the biggest influences on others. It is important that this influence be the right one. If used correctly, the Church states, the…

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