Media Analysis : Media Literacy Essay

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Media Literacy Assessment Based on the Media Literacy Circle of Empowerment my skill of awareness, analysis activism, and access have greatly changed my media literacy over the course of the semester.
As I look at different types of media and now I become more aware of the message the media is trying to get across. Often times the media persuades viewers to think in specific ways, specifically, agenda setting theory would suggest how the media persuades viewers by telling them what to think about and influence their viewers. I have become aware that media is most often used to communicate cultural messages and inform people. For example news stations are politically biased and only show/say specific things to that makes themselves look good rather then reporting the good and bad of a story. News stations also do this in order to persuade the viewer to think a certain way.
After watching the PBS Frontline video “Giving Us What We Want” about Frank Luntz I learned about his word lab and how we are able to turn public opinion simply by replacing one word with another. I think its incredible how just one word can make such an impact, where as before I never realized this. Now, when I look at banners or headliners I carefully analyze them and thinking about the meaning behind it and why specific words were chosen, whereas before I didn’t. For example in the video about Frank Luntz it explains how he chose to use the word death tax instead of estate tax in the headline: Death…

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