Mede Mental Illness And Free Will Essay

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Medea: Mental Illness & Free-will Euripides Medea is a classic tale of revenge, as a helpless woman named Medea avenges her husband’s betrayal. Medea contains several elements of a Greek tragedy, such as fate and revenge. Medea, the main character of the play, commits several villainous acts that are “outside of the norm” and forbidden by society. She is a woman who kills her husband’s second wife and also kills her children just to avenge her husband’s betrayal. Her willingness to commit these monstrous crimes is attributed to her being oppressed in a male driven society. Over the years, Medea has also been viewed as a sympathetic figure because of the injustice she faces. However, Medea is someone who has committed crimes before the betrayal by Jason as she killed her brother and had Pelias killed by her daughters. In reality, the character of Medea is mentally unstable and unlike other tragic heroes, she has the choice of free-will. Euripides begins the story of Medea without providing any background information on Jason and Medea’s past. A possible reason to withhold such information from the audience could be to build sympathy for Medea. Before her marriage to Jason, Medea is believed to be a murderous witch who ends up falling in love with Jason. After falling in love with Jason,she commits several acts of violence,such as murdering her brother to help Jason escape and also killing Jason’s father King Pelias. Jason asked Medea to cure her father of old…

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