Theme Of Selfishness In Medea

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In Euripides’ play Medea the characters show how selfish a human being can be. Selfishness is shown in the two major characters Jason and Medea, as well as through the minor characters. Jason shows his selfish ways by abandoning his family to marry another woman in order to achieve a higher status. Medea anger by this plans revenge on her husband and plans to achieve it anyway possible. Jason’s selfishness first shows when he leaves his wife and marries the king’s daughter. He does this in order to achieve a higher status and ultimately become a king. Although he is already married and leaves his wife and children. Medea claims “You imagined that for an older man, a barbarian wife was lacking in prestige” (pg. 26) meaning that she was not …show more content…
He does not take fault for his wife’s banishment. He tells her that “I have often observed that a fierce temper is an evil that leaves you no recourse. You could have stayed here in this land, you could have kept your home by simply acquiescing in the plans of those who are greater.”(pg. 20) He is stating that Medea has a temper and attacked the king for something that did not concern her. He claims it is her fault tan that his action are justice because they are for the benefit of him and his family. Jason’s new wife and king Croen show selfishness in the play as well. When Medea goes to the king to complain about his daughter and bash the royal family, he exiles her for tarnishing his family name. While the princess accepts gifts from Medea. The tutor says “The princess happily received the gifts with her own hands.”(pg. 44) She took the gift from the woman who was married to her new husband and pays the ultimate price. When Medea hers that her gifts kills the king and the princess she responds with “This news is excellent.”(pg. 49) knowing that her plan has started to come …show more content…
When Jason and Medea marry they both take oath in front of the gods. By leaving Medea, Jason breaks his oath and upsets the gods. Throughout the play when Medea tells her plans to the chorus they respond with “If your husband reveres a new bed, a new bride, don’t sharpen your mind against him. You’ll have Zeus himself supporting you.” The women believe that since Jason has left her and began a relation with a new woman that Zeus has granted her the right to take revenge. They also show support by saying “You are justified Medea, in paying your husband back.” (pg.13) than in the end Zeus sends a flying chariot to allow Medea to taker her sons’ body away from her husband. This shows that all along the gods supported Medea in her

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