How Did Medea Succeed

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Medea was an Enchantress that was the granddaughter of the God of the Sun, Helios. She was the daughter of King Aeetes of Colchis and an Oceanid, Idyia. She was the wife of Jason,
Leader of the Argonauts, and mother of his two children.
Medea had helped Jason obtain the Golden Fleece, the skin of a winged ram of Zeus. To get the fleece, she helped him through several challenges, which included fire­breathing oxen and dragon teeth. After retrieving the fleece and sailing away, they were pursued by Medea’s father, King Aeetes. To slow him, they killed her brother, Absyrtus, and left him in pieces in the sea, which King Aeetes retrieved to give his son a proper burial. Jason later married Medea and they had their two sons, Mermerus and Pheres. Jason left Medea to marry Glauce, daughter of
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In return, Medea murdered her son, Glauce, and King Creon. After, she fled to Athens, where she married King Aegeus and had another son, Medus. She tried to poison
Aegeus’s long­lost son, Theseus, so that her son could ascend to the throne. She failed when
Aegeus stopped her and threw her out.
The moral of the story is that men should not mistreat their wives, as it could have dire consequences. Another could be that, especially to the Ancient Greeks, women should not be allowed power. If Medea hadn’t been a powerful Enchantress, she likely would not have committed the harmful acts she had done.
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“Happy wife, happy life,” exists for a reason. Medea had already given everything for her first husband, Jason. Him betraying her had put her into a rage, which she had taken out on the people he was closest with; his children, his future­wife, and his

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