Literary Merit In Hamlet By Shakespeare And Antigone

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Literary merit is a term which describes a text or piece of writing that contains quality and value. This term is often used to refer to writings that relate to a certain event or aspect of the world. An example of literary merit are Hamlet by Shakespeare and Antigone by Sophocles. Both Hamlet and Antigone contain literary merit due to the several literary elements and values that make them classic and praisable. Although both pieces of work have their differences such as the moral lesson and structure, it is clear to argue that due to their literary merit, both pieces of work are mostly similar.

Hamlet, a critically acclaimed play written by Shakespeare, narrates the story of the eponymous character who seeks to take revenge on his uncle
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After Polyneices failing in such duel, Creon, Antigone’s uncle, becomes the King and orders to leave his body unburied. Antigone, believes such thing to be wrong and unjust, and subsequently sacrifices marrying her fiance to bury and perform a ritual to release her brother to the underworld. While doing such action, Antigone gets caught in the act and gets enclosed in a tomb for defying King Creon’s order. Antigone accepts her punishment and latter end up hanging herself. After realizing how wrong his actions were, King Creon’s decides to forgive Antigone, but found out it was too late since she already had committed suicide. Subsequently, Haemon, whom was engaged to Antigone, broke into the tomb to set her free, found her dead and stabbed himself in front of his father. Later on, his wife, Eurydice found out the news and also killed herself. After such events made Creon miserable since everything that mattered to him was now gone; he was all

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