Mechanical Engineering Career Research Paper

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Many people wonder what career pathway they should pursue in college once they graduate high school. Some dream of becoming a doctor or a surgeon. Others venture to take over the family business. The most important concepts to remember when selecting a career are finding a growing field and a choosing a job that is enjoyable. Mechanical engineering is a thriving area that proves to be prosperous and satisfying to nearly all workers, and a degree for this career is very flexible which is beneficial to all graduates with a mechanical engineering diploma.
According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, mechanical engineering is a specified field of engineering ("Mechanical Engineers"). It is an extensive career that covers the design
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Most students in this field complete at least a bachelor’s degree in either mechanical engineering or mechanical engineering technology ("Mechanical Engineers”). When working to accomplish the degree, students must master courses primarily focusing on mathematics and science for their core curriculum. Then, they must conquer engineering and design courses to prepare them for the workforce (“Mechanical Engineers”). Moreover, students must assimilate many math formulas for application in the job (Supriadi). The mechanical engineering technology pathway employs the application of engineering principles as opposed to the theories (“Mechanical Engineers”). One of the optimal ways to gain experience in engineering is to complete an internship while in college (“Mechanical Engineers”). Depending on the program, some colleges offer a master’s degree or a six-year degree (“Mechanical Engineers”). Once the engineers have worked in the field for several years, they can earn a Professional Engineering License (“Mechanical Engineers”). This crucial certification can result in a higher position in the workforce and gives the individuals the ability to supervise other engineers and approve projects (“Mechanical Engineers”). In some states, engineers must renew their license annually by passing the exam. A doctorate degree in the engineering field results in an immense pay raise and a higher position in the work field (“Mechanical Engineers”). Some of the premier colleges to earn a mechanical engineering degree include Georgia Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Stanford University. All of these schools offer a top-notch education and a highly-regarded name to put on job applications. Employers love to hire employees with an education from a distinguished, rigorous school that has

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