Meat Is Not A Necessity Essay

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Meat was once a necessity, yet over time consumption has now come to represent the meal of the elite. Meat was once required to provide energy to the high activity of our ancestors, yet through the development of agriculture and nutrition, we no longer require it. Yet even though meat is not a necessity, we still desire it, and place a price on different styles of meat. Meat holds power, being seen as a luxury item staple of the first world. Not all parts of the animal that the meat was taken from is desirable to all, however. One such part comes from the fatty underbelly of the lamb, also known as mutton flaps, has been portrayed as a byproduct of the lamb production, yet largely traded in the Pacific Islands. These mutton flaps have become significant for many people, used in celebrations, religious occasions, or as gifts. With a rise in lifestyle diseases from obesity have led to the stigmatization of these mutton flaps for the worse. In the book Cheap Meat – Flap Food Nations in the Pacific Islands, the authors Deborah Gewertz and Frederick Errington discuss the production, trade, and consumption of these mutton flaps. The authors argue how mutton flaps have come to represent more than they are, portraying a political controversy on the idea of “choice” for meals through the use of interviews from beginning to end of mutton distribution as well as with the use of concepts such as colonialism, indigeneity, and capitalism. The novel was written in a linear fashion,…

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