Meaningful Use of Ehrs Essay

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Meaningful Use of Health Information Technology in a Primary Care Practice
Kristin Rinn
University of Colorado Denver School of Nursing

Leaders in health care have two fundamental goals. The first is to provide high quality, evidence based patient care. The second is to be active engagers in the transformation of the health care delivery system. The ability to measure the quality of patient care efficiency and accurately to make the right decisions for the patient is the inherent goal of the use of the electronic health record (EHR). The EHR is currently underutilized in the United States, although the use has been progressively increasing over the last decade. Between 2009 and 2010, the percentage of office based physicians
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Structured narrative or flexible documentation can bridge the gap between narrative dictation and structured data entry. Computer systems can turn expressive data into data that is structured and encoded using standardized medical language. This information is what is needed to produce high quality data to satisfy stage 1 meaningful use criteria, as well as lay the foundations for meeting stage 2 and 3 criteria (Fallati, 2011). Stage 1 (2011 and 2012) sets the stage for electronic data capture and information sharing. Stage 2 which is expected to be implemented in 2013 is set to expand on stage 1 and encourage continuous quality improvement and exchange of structured information to improve outcomes and efficiency. Stage 3, which is expected to be implemented in 2015, will focus on promoting improvements in quality, safety and efficiency leading to improvements in public/population based health. In addition it will focus on decision support systems for improved clinical decision making, development of patient self management tools, and improved access to patient information through information exchange systems (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services,

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