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Corporate Information and Knowledge Management Strategy



Executive Summary 3
Introduction 5
Information and Knowledge Management Defined 6
The Case for Information and Knowledge Management 7
Information and Knowledge Management as a Cultural Issue 9
IKM Strategy 2003-2006 - Progress to Date 9
IKM Strategy Vision and Objectives 10 Strategy Action Plan 11 To recognise information and knowledge as corporate resources 11 To ensure information and knowledge are accurate and reliable 12 To improve access to information and knowledge 13 To facilitate the sharing and application of knowledge within the Council and across Services 13
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The Case for Information and Knowledge Management

▪ It is acknowledged that knowledge residing in the heads of individuals allows Councils to improve and develop services. Indeed, individuals employed in the Council hold key information and knowledge on a vast range of subjects. However, there is evidence to suggest that only 20% of information and knowledge within a typical local authority is structured, codified and accessible.

▪ In order to capture much of the information and knowledge currently inaccessible, the strategy will focus on achieving a knowledge sharing culture whereby the interaction and communication between people will be encouraged in order to share their tacit knowledge which will then be made explicit and readily accessible to others.

▪ IKM removes the barriers to “joined-up” working and allows employees to work and learn from the information and knowledge held throughout all Services within Aberdeen City Council, in addition to learning from the work of external partners the views of the general public. The existence of the strategy will help people to start thinking about how they learn from each other.

▪ With heightened interaction between Services, strategic partners and the public, the Council will become more proactive in realising and responding to up and coming

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