Mcdonald 's Corporate Code Of Ethics Essay

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McDonald 's is one of the world 's largest corporate entities and has been counted as most recognizable and committing to each of their values by being ethical, truthful and dependable. In contrast Starbucks wants to, "inspire and nurture human spirit - one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time." (Starbucks et. al.). In comparison, both companies have commitments to its customers and quality products. Three aspects I like about the McDonald 's Corporate Code of Ethics are: 1. McDonald 's code of ethics includes key points such as acting responsibly and ethically which apply to the various formats designed for its managers and employees. 2. Commitment to customer 's health and safety. McDonald 's is committed to monitoring, testing and tracking menu items along with its toys and promotional items ensuring all applicable procedures are not only in place but are followed. This safety and health commitment is not just for its customers, but also its employees. 3. McDonald 's gives back to the community. When a community is struck by disaster, McDonald 's chooses to be a leader in social responsibility and have positive influence thought out neighborhoods, the environment and people. The three aspects that I like least about McDonald 's Corporate Code of Ethics are: 1. McDonald 's could have expanded on the Alcohol and Drug section. Most if not all companies will state, "You are not to possess or use alcohol and drugs." But it should have included within this…

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