Analysis Of Mcdonald's CSR Strategy

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Register to read the introduction… He knew that he would have to take a very analytic approach in order to find out the reason why the CSR strategy had not succeeded. He would have to consider various points of view in order to better understand the difference between the way how McDonald’s see themselves and the way hot they are seen by their customers. His first task was to analyze the current CSR policy from the point of view of McDonald’s, listing everything the company regards a socially responsible activity. He took his pen and started writing. Since the pen was green, he approached the company’s environmental efforts …show more content…
McDonald’s does not only require their own suppliers to comply with their code of conduct, but also their subsuppliers, in order to ensure that the standards concerned are complied with throughout the whole supply chain. In turn, McDonald’s offers their suppliers fair prices, regular purchases, and big order volumes.19 After having analyzed McDonald’s relationship to their suppliers, Christopher Meyer took a short break to check his e-mails. Suddenly, his telephone rang. It was his daughter Jennifer who also worked for McDonald’s and currently attended a course at the Hamburger University in Oak Brook. Obviously, she was having a good time. She told him about all the different management techniques she had learned about and her career possibilities within the company once she will have finished Hamburger University. While his daughter was still chatting, Christopher Meyer took his pen and wrote something down. Again, it was a quote by McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc: “We are not a hamburger company serving people, we are a people company serving hamburgers”. As this statement suggests, McDonald’s considers the employees to be the company’s most valuable resource. In addition to secure work places and fair wages, McDonald’s Austria offers their workforce flexible work options and part-time models. Furthermore, teenagers can …show more content…
But I have no insight into how much they are paid and how good their insurances are. I mean, it is hard to say how working conditions are there. Something like that changes over time. I mean, when I worked there in Munich, Germany, everything was correct. It was not paid particularly well, but basically everything was paid correctly.” (Male, 33, Sales Agent)

Only one interviewee brought up the carrier opportunities at McDonald’s:
“I don’t know if they take over responsibility *towards the workforce+. I mean, I don’t know if you can say it that way. But I do believe that they give people [employees] the chance to assume responsibility. *…+ They can certainly make their way up.” (Male, 39, Unemployed)

Concerning McDonald’s responsibility towards suppliers, their commitment to local farmers was stressed in the first place.
“I believe *…+ they buy products locally, the potatoes or the meat and things like that. From that perspective, they are bulk buyers, and this is also good for the economy.” (Female, 34, Shop Assistant) “No idea if they assume responsibility to their suppliers. Don’t they advertise that the beef is from Austria? So I would say that they do assume responsibility to local farmers. *…+ The same is true of potatoes. Yes, that is a good thing.” (Male, 29,

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