Maya Geographical Setting

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Student Name: Mahayelea Maya
Geographical Setting: What continent? What Landforms? What important Places?
The Mayans settled in Mesoamerica. They lived in southern and northern Guatemala. In the Northern part of Guatemala it is full of mountain ranges, filled with minerals, and has a dry cool climate. In the southern part of Guatemala has the places Belize and Yucatan. In Yucatan the climate was dry and hot. Hot humid rainforests covered the southern area of guatemala and it had plenty of fertile soil which made farming there excellent.

Political (Leadership, citizenship, decision-making institutions)
For the political part of the Mayas they had many city states. Each city state was governed by kings and priest kings. Kings were
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The Mayans farmed Squash, corn, avocado, pineapple, chilli peppers, cacao, beans and maize. They mostly focused on agriculture, trade and craft production. The middle class was mostly made up workers and artisans who produced goods that other trade networks needed. Trade kept Maya cities growing economically. Prestige items and subsistence made up most of the maya’s commercialized goods. Prestige items were jade, gold, copper,extravagant pottery, ritual symbols and any other items that were used as a status symbol for the upper class.Subsistence items were things that are used on a daily basis. For example clothing food, pottery, tools salt lithic material …show more content…
The codex was used by early mesoamerican civilizations. The Maya used steles which were ancient carved stone marker commemorating an important date or great event. The stele was a another thing that the mayas used to record data. The maya had more than 40 cities each were governed by one king. All were notable for their great architecture. They included plazas, ballcourts, and pyramids topped with temples. The mayas also liked to play ball games. In the game you were to keep the ball moving at all times without using any of your hands. The goals were put on the walls at least 20 feet up and the goals had just a small hole for the ball to fit into. Sometimes they played with a severed human head as the ball. They mostly played ball to settle things or for religious purposes for example there is a red and a blue team the game is a play to the death of their team captain. If the blue team won the game the red team's captain would be used as a sacrifice for their gods.

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