Maya Angelou 's Life, Accomplishments, And Legacy Essay

2232 Words Dec 1st, 2016 9 Pages
“The gift that Maya Angelou gave us was the power of testimony. Though her poems, autobiographies, songs, and lectures, she was an insistent advocate for the power of molding words and actions into the pursuit of a more just society. She taught that we must use our voices to speak truth with as much clarity and passion as possible” (Townes 580). After doing extensive research of her life, accomplishments, and legacy, that statement stands to be true. Maya Angelou was able to achieve a living legacy and name because of her beautiful works and childhood stories, which lead up to her most precious successes. Everything she states is said to be true. As an African American woman, civil rights activist, writer and advocator for social justice, Maya Angelou has made a long living and important legacy for herself in which has benefited and will always benefit millions of people. Maya Angelou is known for her works and wise words. I like to compare Maya Angelou’s words to a beautifully painted canvas, which in fact, makes her out to be a very important person in history. Though those paintings might not always be colorful, the act of her openness of her personal stories as a child being a victim of rape, being mute for five years of her life, finding her way though life at age 14 alone, and having a child at age 16, Maya has treasured those dark years to be fuel to her career which inquire respect, kindness and truth. That being said, the dark colors of her childhood, lead to a…

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