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Maya Angelou - Graduation
Graduation is an important transition time in every person’s life. It is about moving on to something better and more important and to use your knowledge to achieve life goals. This is what the children attending the grammar school believed as well, including Maya Angelou. Given from her point of view, the story Graduation has ethos because as an African American girl, she shared the same thoughts and feelings as everyone standing on the stage or in the auditorium when Mr. Edward Donleavy passively demeaned everything the students had worked so hard to achieve. This story is told by a women who had surpassed all of the difficulties in life to get to this day, and through her learned, and
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“I looked up and saw Henry Reed, the conservative, the proper, the A student, turn his back to the audience and turn to us...and sing...the Negro national anthem.” (31). Many readers are not African American and thus do not know their national anthem, nonetheless, the way in which Angelou narrates this section is extremely figurative. It is easier to picture what is happening and it brings tears to my eyes reading it.
! Figurative language is prominent throughout Angelouʼs work: “She smocked the yoke into tiny crisscrossing puckers....embroidered raised daisies...added a crocheted cuff...” (24). This was an entire paragraph dedicated to the detail her mother added to her dress. This concrete information she included only added to the believability of her story and the significance of the moment. When describing the scents coming from the home economics building with such preciseness, she clarifies the fact that everything is clear and the little things made all the difference on that memorable day. Everything in the story was told with such intricate detail. Even so, the minuscule features surprisingly gave off small hints of something more. When Angelou states “I was headed for the freedom of open fields.” (24) it is somewhat a reminder of slavery. Although in reality it is talking about freedom from school, there is a long history of slavery in America and the inequality of African Americans to whites;

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