Max Weber : An Influential Philosopher Essay

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Exam #3

Max Weber a sociologist that was engaged with social life and sought to gain objective understanding on what guides social action. His work The Protestant Work Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, is to this day highly regarded as one of the most influential sociological writings. In his writings it was through social, rational actions where the commands or demands of society compel individuals to follow a line of conduct.
Max Weber deviated from Karl Marx in three major forms, firstly in that no intrinsic law was the development of social life; secondly not one single structure could be attributed to the development of societies; third, capitalism was not at fault for the diminishing creativity rather extreme rationalization. Through his work he sought to solidify the differences in order to show the impact ideas can and could have on society. Unlike Marx, Weber viewed capitalism as being influenced by religious Protestant doctrines where through “calling” and ascetic restrictions the framework for capitalism to thrive was being not only provided but implemented throughout the United States. In order for capitalism to thrive the key components the Protestant instills that made their way into the secular world where firstly an individual “calling”, secondly a “calling” that stressed the importance of rationalization of all aspects of live, and thirdly ascetic restrictions.
Max Weber arrived in the United States and through a scientific sociological framework…

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