Sociological Theories Of Social Class Of Marx And Weber

Social class can be defined in different ways, but to put it into layman 's terms, someone 's social class is purely how much money they make per year, which directly correlates with the people group that each individual chooses to “hang around”. When you look at someone 's social class, you can break it up into a few different groups, which are music, entertainment, food, religion, and cultural values. When it comes to music, there are differences between two main categories of sound which are, the stereotypical rich person music, and the equipment that they use. The type of music that a stereotypical rich person would listen to would be classical music or even today 's hits, but the instrumental version of their music because they can …show more content…
As far as their cultural values go, they feel as if they are the most important member of society solely based on the fact that they are rich and most of them were born into a rich family. So as you can see the richer you are, the more you get to enjoy the finer things in life.

2. Briefly identify the theories of social class of Marx and of Weber. Briefly identify four other sociological understandings/explanations of the existence of stratification in a society.

Marx and Weber were great sociologists, but they had entirely different concepts when it comes to sociology. Marx had the socialist perspective when it came to sociology. He believed that the relationship between people is based on how much money that a person makes. And he believed that the middle class or as he called it the “working Class” has to ban together and rise up to revolt against the upper class. But before this could happen he needed to have everyone believe that they were not being treated equal. He needed them to feel that they were being unjust, but on the other hand webber was quite the
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The main stereotypes that we discussed were about how women belong in the kitchen doing their duties whereas the men are out and about working and hanging out with friends instead of being home helping out his wife with her duties wich include, but are not limited to cooking all of the meals three times a day seven days a week. Constantly cleaning the house, so that way the man of the house never has to see what a dirty house looks like. The women also almost solely raise the children from birth until about fifteen or sixteen years old for boys, when they are old enough to help their old man get money. Or do yard work. But if you are a female, then you get to learn everything that a good wife does for his husband. Then on top of all of that the women go shopping for ingredients and for cleaning supplies to keep food on the table and to keep the house clean, And all the men do is make money for food for cleaning supplies and for money for the wife to shop with. Even in the book Black Like Me the men were the ones out at the shoe shine stand making money when the woman had prepared the lunch for the workers of the stand. So it was not a racial issue, but a gender issue. This was also prevalent in the book Race and Ethnicity because it never once talked about how it was only whites or only blacks who were succumbed to this form of stereotyping. The only thing the book said about

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