Essay about Maturity At Every Age Differs Drastically

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Maturity at every age differs drastically. Some people mature faster than others, and throughout someone 's entire life their maturity changes. Being mature as a child, to an adult, to an elderly person has different meanings. People hold a degree of respect toward mature individuals that can handle themselves in a respectful manner. Being mature does not simply mean that a person has the ability to pay their bills or go to work. It means that an individual is able to analyze possible consequences before partaking in any sort of activity, while also possessing the potential to handle issues appropriately and with respect.
Children are often times regarded as immature. They might cry whenever someone takes their toy, or say silly things that do not make any sense. However, since they are children, their behavior does not matter. Children do not need to be mature because they are young and still have time to grow and prosper into mature and responsible adults of society. As a result, children are not held up to any sort of high standards, unlike their adolescent and adult peers. Some children become more mature than others, a trend that becomes more drastically apparent as the years go by. While a twelve year old is more mature than a toddler, their maturity level cannot be compared to that of an adolescent or adult, as a twelve year old is still a child. The difference in a child’s maturity level also depends on parenting, including life experiences and what goes on in…

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