Mattel Essay

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Case 1
Marketing Strategy
Jasmine Hall

1. Yes, Manufacturers of children’s products have a special obligation to not mislead consumers and society. One responsibility to the society that Mattel is performing is their commitment to protecting the privacy of their online customers when visiting their website or purchasing a product online. By assuring parents that their children’s privacy will be respected, Mattel demonstrates that that is takes its responsibility of marketing to children very seriously. They are also responsible for product safety, quality, protecting the environment, customs, evaluation and monitoring and compliance. Mattel’s business partners must have high standards for product safety and quality, adhering
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Mattel also promises to never use any child labor; no one under the age of 16 or the local age limit may be allowed to work for Mattel facilities. The final responsibility is through the Mattel Children’s Foundation, which promotes philanthropy and community involvement among its employees and makes charitable investments to better the lives of children in need.

2. Some strengths of Mattel’s core brands include: -Trusted Brand-awarded “Best Toy of 2008 -Increased brand awareness-opening American Girl shops in major cities in the US. -Manage to control the competitors-merging with competitors -Brand recognition-well-known for more than 40 years -Product development-innovative learning toys and introducing new product lines such as My Scene Dolls -Expanding product variety and product line-including high-end collectables

Some weaknesses include: -being embroiled in intellectual property -issues on product safety -bad product award

The action I would recommend that Mattel takes to stem Barbie’s sales decline would be to hold an event that would involve children and Barbie lovers such as a fashion show or concert that could be world wide. Mattel should also update its technology with smart phones or tablets to create apps interactive apps. In order to do this, Mattel will need to invest more in R & D with the intent to improve children’s lifestyles. If Mattel can accomplish these things, it will be a lot

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