Matt Leeds Essay

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Matt Leads
Saturday, 27 September, 2008
8:22 PM
How did Matt Leads get into the situation?
Current situation: bored, lack of responsibility and frustrated with his relationship with his boss Dan Lyle and colleague eleanor swift.
A bias from his boss
Could he have done anything differently to help himself Are there things he should ve done that he didn’t?
Any key mistakes?

Matt leads personality
Saturday, 27 September, 2008
8:31 PM
Background :
• Settled for chicago because of family.
• Chose Danner over Right away because of too much concentration and responsibility over marketing.

• Action oriented person
• Indecisive about what he wanted
• Narrow focused on training
• He
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• What was due for the next few months?
• Chalk out major tasks on four components of Fasion mart
• Figure out interdependencies
• What order to undertake various componites Matt's Responsibility:
• Initial project plan for each piece
• Assist swift but not report to her!

Team Brainstorm
Sunday, 28 September, 2008
10:09 AM
What should he have done differently?
• Take the job in New york
• Strongest office, promotions better there
• Cleared up the air with swift and lyle. Bias against MBA. Particularly because they were'nt MBAs. The policy polarity.
• Clarify what he meant by 'assisting ' swift. Reactive vs proactive. Leading to the blow up
• Clarified what his goals and objectives were with Lyle. Not done
• Take initiative with lyle. Actively pursue. Eg. Invite lyle out for lunch.
• Lyle's appointment. Address questions to your boss. Fix an appointment in advance. Example phone or email asking for 5 mins. Will help him prepare a better case
• Doesn’t speak up or ask for more work. Looks aggressive he thought. He made assumptions.
• Billing by the hour so speak .
• Stop talking behind people's back. You look an ass. Clarify the problem. Listen and not participate.
• Rebecca's buddy not good. Need to have a formal relationship. The perception is not good.
• Hopper talk to lyle- he tells lyle everything. Feeds into the company's politics.

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