The Allegory Of The Matrix

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The Matrix is the world that is around every one, yet many people cannot see what is actually going on around them. The Matrix is basically a computer made fantasy world, and it is created to keep humans from adapting. The idea of the Matrix is that there was a man born inside of it, and this man had the skill set to do whatever he pleased. He could transform the Matrix into what he felt was right for the world. In the movie, this man is Neo and Morpheus believes that he is the one to finally bring down the Matrix and free the world from all of this craziness. The Matrix reminds me a lot of the government that we follow in today’s world. The government essentially sets the standards for our everyday life, yet we are not sure about the exact …show more content…
If Neo decides to take the blue pill, then he will wake up in his bed and believe whatever he desires, but if he takes the red pill, then he will explore the Matrix more than he could ever imagine. The red pill takes Neo on a journey that he could never imagine, and it makes him aware of the real nature of the Matrix. This pill frees human’s minds from the gates blocking the Matrix. Plato’s allegory of The Cave describes a few people who are chained to walls for their entire lives. They learn through seeing shadows of different objects being portrayed on the wall in front of them. One of the prisoners is unchained from the walls, and starts to realize what is actually going on in the world around him. He steps out of the cave and the light from the sun shines in his face, but he begins to see objects that are real and not just shadows presented on a wall. These two scenes relate because the Matrix scene is showing how Neo is being given an opportunity to see what the Matrix is and what is actually going on around him. Then Plato’s scene describes how the prisoner is being freed from the cave and finally coming to an understanding that the shadows he has been seeing on the wall do not make up what is actually real, and his new visions are the real …show more content…
This can be looked at in a religious way or in a way of culture. There is many people who believe that their life’s are already in the hands of someone else, and that they aren’t in control of what happens to them. People who are born in certain cultures may have life handed to them and then there are others who have kill to survive in the world. Both of these situations can be perceived that a person’s life is determined before it even starts, which would make it so they did not have any control over it. Self-management comes with every human being, but it is up to them if they want to be able to handle themselves or not. People who have great self-management skills can take care of their own self and do not need to be babied for their entire life. Determinism is relatable to self-management because both mean that there is something being controlled. Whether that is someone being controlled by previous actions or if that it is about someone controlling

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