Math Is The Most Unpopular Word Of Math Essay

1059 Words Sep 25th, 2015 null Page
Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, have all to do with probably the most unpopular word around, math. The question is though, why is math so disliked by people? Do we need a new way to teach math? Why is math so important to learn and be able to apply it to our everyday lives? In the New York Times, they explained is there a world of difference between teaching “pure” math, with no context, and teaching relevant problems that will lead students to appreciate how a mathematical formula models and clarifies real-world situation. So, if teachers were to create a new way to teach math, would that make a difference in them wanting to learn? I think that if students were engaged and knew that this applied to their everyday lives, they would want to learn more about it. Students now a day are graded based on what grade they receive on a test and not what they actually know. Making students just study for a grade instead of studying to learn it down the road. If you were to walk around a high school or college, and asked what their favorite subject was, probably very few would say math. Mathematics isn’t the most popular subject in school, but it actually is the most hidden subject used in everyday life. Not many enjoy doing math because frankly it is rigorous and there can only be one answer to every problem. Math isn’t the easiest subject to learn and when things get hard people tend to give up. The “I’m bad at math, is just a myth. The Atlantic Post did a…

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