Materialism In Fahrenheit 451

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(AGG) Things have been lost, forgotten, and damaged, yet the people in Fahrenheit 451 have always known where these things are, as it is the only thing they care for. (BS-1) They have a desire for possessions which is shown throughout the novel, mostly using technology. (BS-2) Relationships and happiness have been substituted with these material items. (BS-3) Traits that have been lost have been restored once people have been distant from artificial items. (TS) In the novel Fahrenheit 451, the author warns us what material items can do to humans as individuals, and as a society.

(MIP-1) The people in the novel’s society show materialism with their fixation on technology. (SIP-A) The people in this society only think technology matters in their
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(SIP-A) The average person in this society rarely seems to have any concrete relationships. (STEWE-1) They never seemed to be bothered when someone they knew died. These people barely even knew their husband or wife on a deeper level like they are supposed to. “And suddenly she was so strange he couldn't believe he knew her at all” (39). Montag did not even recognize the women he married. Millie used material items to distract her from what is truly going on in the world. No one really knows anyone in their society because they have mistaken material items for what they truly need in life. Most people do not even realize they do not love their significant other. “‘What a shame! You're not in love with anyone’” (41). However, right when Clarisse points it out, Montag had realized he did not love Millie anymore. She has just become a stranger to him. (STEWE-2) Marriages mean nothing to them. Mrs. Phelps, Millie’s friend, has been married three times and she did not mind being married again. “‘It’s our third marriage each and we’re independent. Be independent, we always said. He said, if I get killed off, you just go ahead and don’t cry, but get married again, and don’t think of me’” (91). They just want to have the title of being someone’s wife. They do not care who calls them that, just as long as it is someone. People are blinded by material items and do not realize the reality behind things. These …show more content…
(SIP-A) Most people have no empathy; the very few who are away from these artificial objects have been caring toward other individuals. (STEWE-1) When people have gotten injured, or even killed, no one cares because they rarely feel affected by it due to the lack of relationships between people. The people in this society think it is okay when someone has died, they just move on faster than the speed of light. “‘She's dead. Let's talk about someone alive, for goodness’ sake’” (68). Millie feels nothing towards the death of Clarisse, even though her husband feels upset by it. She is acting like nothing has happened and she does not want to talk about the dead. Whenever someone dies, it is as if it happened forever ago when everyone has forgotten. “‘The poor girl’s better off dead’” (58). These inhumane people are not empathizing her, or the people affected by this loss. Montag is sad due to the death of Clarisse, and his wife is not even consoling him. Everyone is moving on too fast, except for the people who focus is not consumed by the material items. (STEWE-2) They have empathy towards those who deserve it. There are very few people in this novel’s society that realize material items are not everything. They realize there is so much more in life than being able to say they possess these items. “He looked with dismay at the floor. ‘We burned an old woman with her books’” (47). Montag is

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