The Causes Of The Boston Massacre And The Boston Tea Party

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After fighting in the Seven Years’ War (1756-1763), Britain was left with an immense debt on their shoulders (Chapter 4). It was up to George Grenville to help reduce this debt and save England from a disastrous future (Chapter 4). His plans were set into motion when parliament passed acts that they hoped would raise money to pay off the debt (Chapter 4). However, they did not foresee that these actions would lead to the American Revolution. Although the change in British imperial policy involved taxing and placing acts on the colonists to raise debt money, these actions displeased the people and caused them to revolt creating events like the Boston Massacre and The Boston Tea Party. These factors were of many that brought about the American Revolution.

Taxation imposed on the American colonies by the British government created tension that fueled the
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Both have similar causes which involve economic issues and the desire for independence. Britain was in need of money to pay off their debt so they taxed the colonists angering them in the process as well, and France was unable to pay their growing national debt so the King placed more taxes on the people especially the poor (Western). In the American Revolution the colonists wanted some sort of independence to not be taxed so unfairly, and in France, their class division/interest in thinkers who emphasized human rights like Rousseau ignited an interest in living a more independent life (Western). Causes like these were what sparked the people to rise up and revolt, creating the French and American Revolution. Although British imperial policy changed in order to pay off their debt by creating taxing acts, these actions led to disastrous revolts which eventually fueled the ongoing conflict between America and Britain and what would eventually lead to the American

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