Mass Incarceration 's Effects On The Family Essay

959 Words Dec 8th, 2016 4 Pages
Mass incarceration’s effects no doubt reach beyond the prison walls and impact the family. There are multiple negative effects out there impacting the families of the incarcerated, whether they be of blood relation or simply friends. One such theories that can impact the families of the incarcerated is called Bandura’s Theory of Modeling and Imitation. Bandura examined the learning processes of children, and if watching adults and how they interact can have an enduring effect on how children act or will act in the future. Interestingly, Bandura found, “that simply observing the behavior of others, especially adults, can have profound learning effects on the behavior of children” (Tibbets, 144). Therefore, if a child is growing up in an environment where one of his parents is going to jail or using/selling drugs, the child may view that behavior as normal, and likewise follow in the footsteps of the adult. Therefore, in order to avoid this phenomenon from occurring, the government should try to limit the jail sentences handed down to defendants in order to allow them to be at home. The positive of doing this would be it would allow the parent to be viewed as a better role model and make a greater impression in their child or children’s life. This is something they may not be able to do if the individual was in a jail cell. Additionally, if the child does not have a father-figure in his life, he may look to others who are committing the same crimes, only exacerbating the…

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